Helping to create healthier societies wherever we operate

Every day, we turn care into action to ensure people lead healthier, longer and better working lives – and we help to create healthier societies wherever we operate.

At Falck, we deliver customised healthcare and workplace environment services to private businesses, insurance companies, pension funds and public organisations - as well as healthcare coverage to private subscribers. 

Our size enables us to work on all levels in society and benchmark our operations across countries. We work with data intelligence to continuously develop and enrich our solutions as well as to detect trends in lifestyles and illness patterns to enhance prevention and treatments. 

We cover the entire health value chain 

As Scandinavia’s largest provider of healthcare services, we operate as an integrated part of the public healthcare system in many countries.  

We are a full-service provider, and our services cover the entire health value chain from prevention to treatment and rehabilitation. Our focus is to promote job satisfaction and performance through mental and physical well-being.  

Our staff are highly trained professionals who undergo extensive education and are trained to the highest international standards. They work cross-functionally to ensure the best possible treatment plan to get people back to work faster and stronger. 

1.5 million

physiological treatments per year

0.23 million

psychological treatments per year

0.9 million

hours of occupational healthcare services per year

Organisational development  

How the work environment and work itself is organised greatly influence job satisfaction and performance – as well as the health of your employees. At Falck, we facilitate the creation of sustainable workplaces that enable efficiency and enhance job satisfaction. 

We can help you build an efficient organisation with clear leadership through leadership training and organisational development – as well as how to ergonomically organise your work environment to promote health and strengthen performance. 

In other words, we are your trusted partner in healthcare services. 

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