Health subscription

Private healthcare subscriptions

With personal health coverage, you can trust us to be there when you need it — also outside of regular working hours.

From mental to physical well-being, from online medical consultations to fast psychological support and yearly check-ups, our healthcare subscription provides an extra safety net to supplement existing public healthcare. Ensuring early prevention and right and immediate treatment, we help our customers feel safe and live healthier lives.

The Falck health coverage is available to individuals or households on a subscription basis in Denmark.


medical professionals are ready to help in Scandinavia.


treatments delivered every year by our physiotherapists, doctors, psychologists, and more.


our online medical staff is ready to help, assist, and treat — also at odd hours.

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The right treatment and prevention — in time

Prevention is the best treatment. With a private healthcare plan, you get a team of medical professionals on your side who will guide you towards a healthy life. A chiropractor helps you before an ache turns into an actual injury, while therapists stand by with tools that help you meet the challenges you encounter. Private insurance holders have access to our health professionals without a doctor’s referral or long waiting lists.

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Stay healthy

Checking in on your health yearly forms the foundation of early detection and prevention. We offer insurance holders regular psychical check-ups to ensure that they stay healthy.

Dependent on their chosen healthcare plan, the check-up is carried out by our experienced physiotherapists, nurses, or doctors who will assess the overall health status through a personal conversation and thorough tests. Our medical team will put together a plan that keeps our subscribers in good health based on the results.

Urgent transportation

In case of sudden illness or injuries, we will secure safe and fast transportation to the doctor or hospital.

Fast diagnosis

We secure an appointment with a specialist within 10 days, ensuring fast diagnoses and treatment.

Call the health line

With our medical experts on the line, you can have all questions on physical and mental health answered when you need it.

The Falck health coverage is available to individuals or households on a subscription basis in Denmark.

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