Occupational health

A sustainable working life

We focus on creating long and healthy working lives. To benefit the employee, the company, and society as a whole.

Attractive healthcare programmes come with many benefits — to the employees, the company, and society as a whole. Aiming to attract skilled people and new talent, healthcare programmes may be a valuable recruitment tool while reducing absence, increasing retention, and supporting each employee's well-being and job satisfaction.

Creating a healthy work-life is also a financially safer way for a company. A nurturing and healthy working environment and fast help in case of sickness or emergencies will pay itself back in happier and more satisfied employees with better performance. At the same time, it is a safety net against unforeseen expenses towards sick leave or interim replacement hires. 

We currently provide occupational healthcare services in Scandinavia.


Benefit from our experience and holistic approach

With a holistic view of employee health, treatment is just one piece of our offerings. Our year-long experience with prevention helps you create the best conditions and secure a healthy working environment that enhances performance and work satisfaction – to benefit your employees, your company, and society.

We organise our healthcare programmes to support the daily needs and challenges of small companies and large organisations. With our global network of doctors, health practitioners and experts in proper working environments, we ensure that companies are prepared to minimise and treat illness and injuries of their employees. Our threefold prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation efforts help create resilient businesses with safe, healthy, and happy people.  


Implement long-term changes that impact well-being at work.


Quick diagnoses and the right treatment — when you need it.


Efficient recovery, ensuring that employees get back in good health.

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Working environments that allow everyone to thrive

Prioritising a good working environment in a company and the employees' health is a good investment. Sometimes, it's the little things that will enhance job satisfaction and the desire to do your best every day. In a longer perspective, the same efforts prevent physical injuries and mental health issues to the benefit of everyone.

We facilitate leadership training and advice on ergonomic improvements and proper workstations that promote safety and well-being. The physical environment, leadership, and organisational development influence the perceived working environment, and we offer our expertise in finding a healthy foundation for employees and the company to thrive. 

Identify challenges

Based on our long experience, we help organisations identify the barriers for a good working environment.

Solutions and improvements

When we know the specific challenges, we tailor a plan that alleviates immediate issues and sets up a healthy foundation.

Data-based and digital

Constantly improving our services, we work with digital technology that supports and encourages healthy lives.

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Our help at hand

There is only one thing that is better than the right treatment: early prevention. Living up to our promise to be there when people need us, our offerings are digital and available outside regular office hours.

We strive to deliver fast and correct diagnoses based on the newest technology and digital tools and ensure easy care journeys — from prevention to rehabilitation. Our global presence gives us insights, allowing us to detect trends and constantly improve our services to meet the changing needs of people and societies.

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