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A medical team on your side

We provide on-call medical services in Latin America to ensure easy access to healthcare so that more people can live healthy lives.

Getting to the doctor can, at times, be a challenge. With a team of health professionals on your side, living a healthy and happy life is a little easier. Available around the clock, a private health plan ensures on-call home consultations with a doctor, online medical support, pediatric medical care, and access to a highly-skilled network of specialists. 

We also provide primary care consultation and emergency services. The health plan is a subscription service to individual subscribers, insurance holders, and companies in Latin America.

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Advancing healthy and resilient societies

Easy access to quality healthcare is fundamental in the development and continuous support of healthy and resilient societies. As a supplement to public systems, our flexible resources, innovative approach, and year-long experience respond to the changing needs of people and communities.

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We discover new ways

We keep asking ourselves how to meet the challenges more efficiently. Offering online medical consultations in Latin America is just one example of how we keep improving our services to meet the reality of the people we help. Based on global learnings and the newest technology, we strive to discover new ways to make our healthcare smarter and of still higher quality.

Unlimited use

Your team of experts

Our insurance holders and private subscribers benefit from our experienced team of medical professionals, ready to help when needed. As part of a global team, our doctors and nurses have access to our global experience and advanced insights, ensuring that they stay updated with the latest knowledge and technology to provide quality treatment – around the clock.

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