COVID-19 antibody research study

Falck conducts COVID-19 research study

In early 2020, COVID-19 appeared in our lives. Data is needed to inform decisions on how to better protect ourselves, our employees and society in general.

With the new technology, it is Falck’s ambition to save and improve lives among critically ill and injured patients. At the same time, the company sees perspective in the ability to respond with a single paramedic, who can assess whether an ambulance is needed.

Therefore, Falck is initiating its first test flights with unmanned drones and is working on establishing a partnership with a tech-partner with whom the company can carry out manned drone flights.

The drone flying paramedics is one of several initiatives from Falck which will set the standard for how emergency medical services will look just ten years from now.


2 October 2020 Following new research: Falck introduces face mask requirement for both employees, patients and users. Read more

8 July 2020 First COVID-19 study results confirm correlation
between frequent patient contact and antibodies. Read more

Meet the people behind our research study

President and CEO Jakob Riis and Professor Henrik Ullum explain why the research project has value for both the participants, our company and society in general. Research Officer Jannie Laursen demonstrates how the antibody test works and explains what information we gain from the antibody tests.


The methodology has been approved by the Danish National Committee on health research ethics (NVK). Download a presentation of the methodology and research design (PDF).

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