A global market leader

In the last decade, Falck has grown from a regional market leader to a global market leader.

In 2023 alone, Falck delivered 9.4 million services across preventive, acute, and rehabilitative care. But we want to do even more. This desire drives our endeavours to invest and further expand our capacity to act as a partner and a private supplement to healthcare systems.

We are ready to continue growth

Over the past six years, we have accomplished a turnaround, stabilised our business operations, improved our financial situation, and generated momentum for ongoing organic revenue growth from our well-defined core business. We have thereby established positive operational earnings and free cash flows that allow us to fund long-term investments.

We have initiated an accelerated investment programme to digitalise Falck, improve our operation and services, and to spark the development of new healthcare services in partnerships. In 2023, we invested about DKK 200 million in digitalisation and business development, and we will increase the digital investments with almost 50% in 2024 to reach DKK 225 million.

With this strong foundation, we are well positioned to further drive organic revenue growth and improve EBITA margins in Europe, the US, and Latin America. These healthcare markets are projected to grow at a greater rate than GDP in most countries. Thus, we are optimistic about the future of Falck.

Our commitment to helping resolve both current and emerging public health challenges is also reflected in our sustainability strategy, and we are progressing on our ambition to contribute to healthy societies while addressing climate issues.

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