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We are committed to care

Rooted in our vision to help, our business covers a range of services committed to helping build and protect healthy societies.

From emergency health and safety response to healthcare, we want to help people and society feel safe. Feeling safe, knowing that help will come promptly when you need it. During our more than 100 years of keeping people safe, we have insisted on staying at the forefront of innovation and continued to perfect our services.

Today, our business area consists of two primary competencies: Emergency health and safety response and healthcare. Providing services to private people, the industrial sectors, and as part of public infrastructure, we want to help at all scales and whenever possible.


From prevention to treatment and rehabilitation, we focus on helping people across the globe live longer, better, and healthier lives. 

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Consumer and Technical services

Our healthcare and roadside assistance subscriptions provide safety in the busy everyday lives of individuals or households in Denmark. From online doctor’s consultations to help with a flat tire, you can rely on us to be there when you need it. 

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Employee and Labour Market services

In Scandinavia, we help workplaces create and develop safe, healthy, and nurturing environments, supporting each employee’s well-being. Based on a holistic approach, we analyse your workplace and form an action plan to help your business attract new talent, increase retention, reduce absence, and improve motivation. 

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Community Health services

With a strong presence in Latin America, we act as a supplement to existing healthcare infrastructure. Our subscription service, available to private people and insurance holders, gives families access to on-call home consultations with a doctor, online medical support, and pediatric medical care, all by our highly-skilled network of specialists. 

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Emergency Health and Safety 

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Ambulance services

We are a global leader in ambulance services and patient transportation. Over more than 4,000 ambulances are currently active in 15 countries worldwide. Every day, our team of highly skilled and empathetic medical professionals work to ensure you receive the right help, or get from your home to the hospital safely.

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Fire services

Our fire-fighting and rescuing services keep people, businesses, and societies safe. Ensuring cohesion and continuous exchange of knowledge between our services, we offer our customers the highest level of protection and a reason to feel safe.

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