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Falck is a global leader in ambulance services and patient transportation. We serve communities in 15 countries and operate more than 4,000 ambulances and patient transport vehicles. On top of our emergency and patient transport services, we are actively contributing to the development of pre-hospital services in collaboration with our partners.

Our customers include governments, insurance companies, hospitals and private individuals.

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Falck is the largest provider of employee healthcare programmes in Scandinavia. Services include consultancy, visitation and guidance – as well as physiological and psychological treatments.

Major operations are in Sweden and Denmark. Customers are insurance companies, pension funds and private companies providing healthcare programmes to their customers and employees.


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Roadside Assistance

Falck is the market leader in roadside assistance in the Nordics and a partner of the European roadside assistance alliance ERA.

Customers are private car-owners as well as insurance and automotive companies. Major operations are in Denmark followed by Norway and Sweden.

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Fire services

Falck is a leader in industrial fire and rescue services at high-risk facilities and critical infrastructure. Major operations are in Spain, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.

In Denmark, Falck provides municipality fire and rescue services as well.

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Community Healthcare

In Latin America Falck provides “doctors on call” services to individual subscribers, insurance holders and companies. The major part of the business builds on a subscription portfolio in the business-to-consumer segment in Colombia.

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