Patient transportation services

Safely from A to B

Doctor’s appointments, minor accidents, physiotherapy. Our professional drivers will take you where you need to go, stress-free and taken care of.

Feeling safe when seeing the doctor, getting a yearly dental check, or in non-emergency cases, begins when you leave the comfort of your home. To ease any meeting with the health system, our team of Falck officers can escort you to any health appointment. With thorough education and experience, they know their way around the health system, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right entrance and getting there on time.

Between treatments facilities

In all the instances when an ambulance isn’t needed, our qualified patient transportation service get patients securely from one treatment centre to another. That may be critical transfers between hospitals or getting a patient safely from a dispatch centre and back home again. We can accommodate sitting patients, stretchers, and patients who need a wheelchair.


patients escorted a year

24 hours

Availability, all year

198 million

kilometres will our emergency responders drive every year

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Worry-free appointments

Everyone can benefit from the experience our of Falck officers to take the worry and organisational stress out of doctor’s appointments. With a private subscription, you can arrange to be picked up and escorted to any appointment in the health system. Regardless of whether you sprained your ankle on a Saturday morning or have fixed appointments with a treatment centre, you can arrange to be picked up at your doorstep. We take pride in your safety, and you can rely on us to take you wherever you need to go.

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Qualified Patient Transportation

Our PTS Services mainly cover Qualified Patient Transportation, Critical Transfers between facilities, as well as Basic Patient Transportation, including Stretcher, Wheelchair and Sitting Patient Transportation.

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