World’s leading international ambulance operator

At Falck, we operate more than 3,000 ambulances and patient transportation vehicles worldwide.

Our patient transport vehicles are operated by professional and emphatic Falck officers who take great pride in bringing patients safely from home to the place of treatment or transporting them between medical facilities or between home and the treating facility.

We are a global leader within Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Response, and we partner up with our customers to find new solutions to key healthcare challenges.

To us, trust is essential when we initiate new partnerships.

We strive to deliver an impeccable, high-quality service, and we are the only ambulance company in the world to hold a global ISO certification for our services.


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ambulances and other medical vehicles

We leverage our experience and industry-leading operational systems to ensure we deliver a consistent, reliable and predictable service on time with agreed quality and quantity – anywhere in the world. And we document and report performance.

Our paramedics and EMTs are trained at the highest level and know how to handle critical emergencies and patients with reduced mobility.

We act fast, efficiently and effectively.

We employ best-practice clinical procedures, and our clinical procedures are proven. We continuously revisit them to ensure they provide the best possible outcome for our patients.

We know that we are one of many providers needed to deliver a well-functioning and efficient healthcare system and that no one-size-fits-all model applies. And we have more than 100 years of experience in providing safe and efficient Emergency Medical Services.

High quality services

A professional experience

A proactive and innovative partner

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