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Alexandra Malcolm

Alexandra Malcolm is a practical woman with both feet firmly planted on the ground. She likes people. And she likes action. As Emergency Paramedic in Falck, she has found the perfect way to combine her desire for helping people with her urge for action.

Practical people are determined people. They don’t like to beat around the bush, and when they set a goal, they go for it. Alexandra is no different. Unhappy with the direction her professional life had taken, Alexandra decided it was time for a change.

“I was working as a security guard, sitting alone in a small office watching the security screens. I was hopelessly bored. I felt I was wasting my life,” remembers Alexandra.

Alexandra decided to quit her job. She didn’t have a plan B. She went to the local jobcentre and told them she liked to drive. She liked people. And she hated sitting alone in an office.

“The jobcentre asked me if I would like to drive people around who couldn’t transport themselves. I said, why not? I like to drive. Let’s try it. So, I became a driver for Falck Patient Transportation Service. And that’s how I came to Falck,” smiles Alexandra.

From security guard to emergency response

But why security guard in the first place?

“I’ve always been attracted to jobs where something is going on. I was working as a doorman in a club. It was fun. And in Germany, we need to take professional training to do it. Then I got a job in a company where I worked on events and concerts. It was exciting. Full of fun. Full of action,” says Alexandra.

But then Alexandre met her husband. They got married and had a child. After the child arrived, the company decided to move Alexandra away from concerts and events and instead had her working in corporations watching security screens.

“I was very dissatisfied. And the change to Falck was fantastic. I enjoyed driving people around. In the garage, I saw the ambulances and the Paramedics who drove them. I thought that’s what I want to do,” recalls Alexandra.

Alexandra asked her boss how she could become a Paramedic. He asked around, and a week later Alexandra found herself enrolled in training to become a Paramedic.

Empathy and action

For Alexandra, the combination of caring and action is what makes the job as Paramedic so special. And as an Emergency Paramedic, she is responsible for the patient treatment when the ambulance arrives on the scene. She is authorized to administer medicine if necessary. But the primary focus is on reassuring the patients.

“When you arrive, the patients are almost always scared. You need to calm them down and reassure them. Talk to them, tell them what their situation is and what is going to happen. That makes them relax,” says Alexandra.

Alexandra loves the practical side of her job. The teamwork between her and her colleague in the ambulance. The autonomy and the responsibility in being the decision-maker on the scene. And examining patients, trying to figure out what’s wrong.

“When I work it out and it helps the patient, it’s a very rewarding experience. It’s so easy to make a little mistake. Every situation is unique. Every patient is different. So, you build on your experience. And that includes learning from your mistakes,” says Alexandra.

You don’t know until you’ve experienced it

Being an Emergency Paramedic can be tough emotionally. You’re first on the spot in emergencies where people have gotten hurt or somebody has died, perhaps even a child.

“At the training, we talked a lot about how to handle the emotional impact of the job. But you really don’t know how you will handle a situation until you’ve experienced it. We train for it. We plan for it. But you just don’t know until you’ve experienced it,” says Alexandra.

Alexandra has never had an emergency where a child has died. And she hopes she never will. But she once had a situation where a young man of 24 had died.

“He lived in an apartment with his friends, who had found him dead on his bed. They had moved him to the floor to give him heart massage. But it was too late. He had diabetes. He was so young. His eyes were still open. His face. I’ll never forget his face. I kept seeing it for weeks afterwards. It was very hard emotionally,” says Alexandra.

Still, Alexandra loves her job.

“I became an Emergency Paramedic because I wanted to do something in my life where I made a difference. Where what I did had an impact beyond my monthly paycheck. I couldn’t do that in my old job. And that’s why I came to Falck,” smiles Alexandra.

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