Diversity and inclusion

The more diverse our employees are, the stronger is our business

Falck is a people business with a global footprint and +25,000 employees. Together, we care about who we work for, who we provide our services to and the people we work with. Knowing that the differences our employees take with them are key to the success of our business, striving to encourage a diverse workforce and an including culture at Falck is both an ethical and a business priority.

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Targets on Diversity & Inclusion

We want our workforce to reflect the different societies we are part of as we know that the differences our employees take with them are key to the success of our business. We are therefore on a journey toward establishing a more diverse workforce and promoting an inclusive culture. It is a journey that takes time, but we are confident with being on it. We have already set ambitious - but also realistic - targets, and we are on the right track to deliver on our targets in a thoughtful and measurable way. The targets are not seen as end points, but as steps along the way, and we strive to create more targets for specific parts of our peoples' employee journey going forward.

You can see our targets set for this year in our here

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Inclusive recruitment

We want to attract a diverse talent pool and promote an inclusive culture. We therefore strive to integrate diversity and inclusion as part of our recruitment process to ensure that we already are mindful of including everyone from the first time a potential employee becomes acquainted with our brand, including throughout the selection and onboarding period. Additionally, we believe that we through integrating a diverse mindset in our recruitment process can encourage inclusive leadership capabilities across our organisation.

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Diversity and Inclusion Policy

As part of promoting an inclusive workforce at Falck, we have launched a global Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

Read our Diversity and Inclusion Policy

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