How we hire

A simple and secure process

We are excited that you are considering Falck for your next career move, thank you for taking the time to look at us. Our careers section will showcase our open vacancies and also provide you with much more corporate information and more insight into Falck to allow you to access as much information as possible before you commit to the job application process and click ‘Apply’.

We would like to make the job application process as quick and seamless as possible so you can make the best introduction to us at the start of the recruitment process and showcase your skills and talents in the easiest way. Short and simple is always best.

As a global company, we have a simple and secure online process to handle job applications across our locations all over the world. You can only apply online – and you can be sure that your application will be treated confidentially and impartially. The length of the job application process varies from role to role and location to location but we would like to ensure that you receive good levels of communication throughout the whole process so you are aware of the status of your application.

What to expect

During the recruitment and selection processes, we use a combination of different types of evaluation of your application including screening questions, assessment tools and interviews to make sure you’ll be the perfect match for the position you’re applying for, so the role is the next best move for you and your career and you are also a great fit for Falck.

Go to VACANCIES to search for our available opportunities and to find a job that’s interesting and exciting for you. At the top of the job advert, click ‘Send application’ to gain access to our application portal and start the process that will take you through the steps to get your application on its way to us.

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How to apply

  1. Create profile -this is the first step to your introduction of yourself to Falck. The information you provide creates an individual profile so we can easily identify you during the application process.
  2. Upload job application – your CV provides us with much more insight into your career experiences, qualifications and skills. Ensure your CV details as much vital information as possible so we can easily identify and understand your talents and abilities.
  3. Review and send application – spend time double checking your information to ensure you have provided the best representation of yourself and what you can offer Falck
  4. Confirmation – our return acknowledgement to you that we have safely received your job application and the process is underway. Best of luck!

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Steps in the hiring process

  1. Application - We will always aim to acknowledge receipt of your job application either personally or electronically and it’s our aim to review applications as soon as they arrive so we can start the process of matching candidates to the job requirements. It’s our desire to update applicants throughout the duration of the process so if you are a fit for Falck we would like to inform you as quickly as possible and also if you don’t meet the job criteria we’d also like to ensure you are communicated with.
  2. Telephone interview/initial screening – We may conduct a telephone interview with you as part of the process. If your application shows you possess the right qualifications to match to the position we may wish to explore these areas further with you first of all. This allows us to make a further introduction to each other and to deep dive into your application further. You also have the opportunity to question us about the role and opportunity with Falck.
  3. Invitation to interview – You will be invited to interview if we can see a match between your skills and talents and the job requirements. This invitation will either be made personally via telephone or electronically. Interviews are normally held at Falck offices where you will gain a deeper sense of Falck as an organization and our culture.
  4. The interview – Depending on the role and the location, one or several interviews could be required. The first interview is typically an in-person interview with the Falck hiring manager. This conversation typically will focus on your experiences, skills and work history and this provides a great opportunity for you to really get to know Falck, and know more about what the opportunity could present you with.
  5. Additional interviews - could involve other Falck management and Talent Acquisition and HR specialists. These interviews are always more in depth where specific technical and job related topics may be focused on or specific areas of individual competence may be explored. This presents a further opportunity for both the candidate and Falck to build up a comprehensive picture of each other. Final interviews often include conversations with senior management or more in depth conversations with an interviewer from the earlier part of the interview process.
  6. Assessment and selection – We may use other forms of testing during the assessment and selection process to provide further data and insight such as psychometric testing. These tests can measure a wide range of variables such as cognitive abilities, problems solving and other behaviours.
  7. (Pre-employment screening) – This may involve different types of checks such as employment history and eligibility and criminal records checking, which is role and location dependent.
  8. Offer of employment- Once our top candidate is identified we will extend a job offer to you. We will make a verbal job offer and formalize this step with an offer letter which includes all the important information including the positions salary, benefits, start date and company policies. Congratulations and welcome to Falck!

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