Secure healthy and diverse workplace

To take care of others we must also take good care of ourselves

Falck is a people business and our workforce is our most important asset. We aim to provide all employees with an inspiring, diverse and safe workplace that provides equal opportunities and where everybody can thrive personally and professionally.

Promote employee engagement

An engaged workforce is more committed, better performing and delivers a higher level of services. To ensure a continued focus on employee engagement and to measure progress, we conduct an annual, global employee engagement survey.

In 2022, Employee engagement remained at the same level as last year, despite a challenging working environment related to staff shortages in several countries.

The score on Purpose was once again exceptionally high, reflecting that Falck provides a purpose-driven and meaningful workplace for people who wish to save and improve lives.

The overall engagement score is chosen as one of the KPIs in our sustainability strategy. The target is a score of 75 in 2025.

Improve safety performance

Every day, our employees put themselves at risk to save the lives of other people. We therefore promote a culture where health and safety are embedded in our ways of working to ensure that our employees are safe when on duty to improve and save the lives of others.

We are aware of the risks associated with the nature of our business as well as the preventive measures needed to minimise the risk. While incidents still occur across our business, we are committed to minimise the number of these and ensure that the implications of these are as small as possible.

Lost Time Injury Rate is chosen as a KPI in the sustainability strategy and so is number of fatalities. The target for work-related fatalities in Falck is zero.

Targets on employee engagement and safety

Increase to 75 in 2025

Employee Engagement Score (baseline year 2021)

Zero fatalities

10% reduction year-on-year

Lost Time Injury Rate (Baseline year 2021)

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Diversity and inclusion

Working within different countries, communities and cultures, we know that the different skills and approaches of our people are the key to success. Having a diverse workforce, fostering inclusion and representing the diversity of the communities we serve are both ethical and business priorities.

Diverse workforce

We aim to be an organisation that attracts, develops and promotes a diverse range of talent. At every level of our organisation, we seek to represent the communities we serve. Diversity is emphasised throughout the recruitment and selection process to ensure balanced teams while still hiring the best-suited candidates.

Inclusive culture

We aim to be a great place to work for present and future employees. It is therefore the shared responsibility of all employees regardless of geography or role to foster an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued, free and empowered to speak up without fear of retaliation.

Read more in Falck’s Annual Report 2022 here

Targets on gender diversity

40% underrepresented / total

Gender diversity, Executive Management

40 % underrepresented / total by 2025

Gender Diversity, Executive Management and Senior Management

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