Enhance healthcare access

Every day, we go to work to improve and save lives, and we want to innovate and enhance access to healthcare.

We create value in society by delivering services that help to ease critical moments, enable access and build resilient communities. The number of services is a key part of our sustainability strategy.

Every time we prevent an accident, complete a trip, give a treatment or provide one of our rehabilitation services, we usually improve the life of at least one person – in some cases with profound effect.

We deliver services within healthcare and emergency health and safety services. For instance, our healthcare professionals provide psychological and physiological help, enabling people to return to work faster and continue a healthy working life. Our patient transport service brings patients to and from hospitals and clinics, doctors in Latin America provide online consultations as well as treat patients directly in their homes. Highly skilled ambulance staff saves lives and cares for patients’ well-being every day and our dedicated fire staff prevents accidents and loss of life every day.

We have included the number of services delivered as a KPI in our sustainability strategy because they are vital services to society. In 2023, our highly skilled staff delivered 8.8 million services within our core business.


KPI and progress

Number of services delivered to society

9,4 million

Health and well-being is our business

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Our healthcare professionals provide psychological and physiological treatments that improve the lives of employees, enabling them to return to work faster and continue a healthy working life.

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Our ambulance service forms an important and integral part of the prehospital healthcare systems. We are there when we are needed, and our highly skilled ambulance staff saves lives and cares for patients’ well-being every day.

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Patient transport

Our patient transport vehicles are operated by professional and emphatic Falck officers who take great pride in bringing patients safely from home to the place of treatment or transporting them between medical facilities or between home and the treatment facility.

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Community Healthcare

Community Healthcare in Latin America offers visits by doctors and treatment of patients directly in their homes, allowing patients to recover safely and calmly in a familiar environment.

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Fire Services

Our Fire Services business offers over 100 years’ experience of firefighting and rescue services, saving lives and preventing accidents from happening.

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