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Within travel assistance we deliver health, travel risk management and Duty of Care solutions to leisure and business travelers around the world.

Falck Global Assistance encompasses a complete travel risk management solution. We have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in assuring safe working conditions, both medically and security-wise, for a wide range of international businesses with employees travelling or stationed abroad.

We proudly provide bespoke travel, health and risk management products, delivering expert driven and digitalized services focused on securing excellent end-user satisfaction with a human touch.

We help thousands of travellers every day. Whether it’s due to a medical emergency or an emerging security threat, we ensure that our customers are safe wherever they are in the world.

Valued local business partner

Customer centric and transparent approach to doing business. We want to be the most valued partner for our customers, enabling them to grow their business and reach their ambitions.

Highly skilled and digitalised service

A seamless and easy digital experience, enabling a high level of automated and easy handling of simple cases and quick processing of our customers’ claims cases.

Excellent end user satisfaction and low total claims cost

Excellent end-user satisfaction in every interaction while securing the whole value chain for our customers with a constant focus on the claims costs.

A global emergency response and Duty of Care service with 24/7/365 availability

Companies need to ensure the health, safety, and security of their employees and stakeholders travelling and working abroad. We help companies fulfil their ‘Duty of Care’ requirements, ensuring alignment between reputation, liability and social responsibility.

Duty of Care is a concept encompassing an employer’s responsibility for ensuring that their employees are offered sound working conditions with respect to health and safety. This also applies when employees are travelling or stationed abroad. We offer expertise in assisting companies to fulfil their Duty of Care obligations by mitigating the legal and moral risks faced by their global workforce.

We help organizations mitigate the medical and security risks faced by their global workforce through a comprehensive network of specialists worldwide.
Our emergency response centres are staffed with skilled doctors, nurses and security specialists on duty every minute and every hour of every day.

We empower the global workforce to focus on their business, whether they are in the United States, Ghana, or Mongolia.

Providing an end-to-end enterprise travel risk management solution, we cover everything from pre-travel vaccination advice to full scale security evacuations. Our provider network of vetted healthcare providers ensures that travellers can access the best quality of care wherever they are in the world. Our extensive network of worldwide providers ensures access to emergency transportation and security services as emergencies arise.




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