Fire services

We care for your safety

We care for your safety – therefore our fire brigades and consultancy experts prevent accidents from happening whilst continuously improving our services.

We offer over 100 years’ experience of firefighting and rescue services in public and industrial fire services. We serve the people in the community and industrial customers in various high-risk industries worldwide.

We strive for the highest level of protection

Our approach is to deliver an integrated fire safety service based on our fire brigades, consultancy services and IT solutions, where we focused on emergency response, prevention and maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment. We believe in a strong coherence between the services creates the highest level of protection.

We are global

The experience we gain from our global presence gives us access to a global knowledge base and world-class capabilities anywhere in the world. We benchmark our services to identify best practices, continuously optimise operating procedures and transfer knowledge between our fire brigades and consultants.

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