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Jakob Just-Bomholt leaves Falck

Jakob Just-Bomholt resigns from his positions with Falck to become CEO for another large, Danish company.

May 06, 2020 12:30 GMT

Jakob Just-Bomholt joined Falck in January 2017 and holds the position as Executive Vice President for Ambulance and Fire Services as well as member of the Executive Committee and Executive Management.

President & CEO Jakob Riis says:

“Under Jakob Just-Bomholt’s leadership, the ambulance business has made great progress on the journey to become a more profitable and a more streamlined emergency response business in key geographies. The ambulance team has managed the current COVID-19 outbreak very well. That speaks to the quality of our operations and the ambulance leadership team.” 

“I have enjoyed working with Jakob. He is a high-quality business professional with significant business acumen. I congratulate him on pursuing his ambition of becoming CEO and wish him all the best with his next challenge.”

Jakob Just-Bomholt says:

“Since joining Falck more than 3 years ago, we have collectively worked on focusing the Ambulance & Fire Services business, increasing competitiveness while preserving the high customer and patient satisfaction. At times, this journey has been challenging and eventful, but also rewarding and with many learnings. I wish to thank every Falck colleague for their dedication, and wish Falck all the best in the years to come.”

Jakob Just-Bomholt's new position has not yet been announced.

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