Falck wins contract with the Danish Road Directorate and the National Police

Falck has entered into a seven-year contract with the Danish Road Directorate and the National Police for the provision of emergency and car transport services. Implementing Truck Mounted Attenuators is a key element in the agreement.

Feb 09, 2021 10:27 CET

Falck will continue to help the Danish Road Directorate and the National Police clean up after accidents on the Danish roads. The parties have just signed a seven-year agreement, which includes towing and salvage of vehicles, assistance in case of acute incidents on the roads as well as assistance with signage and traffic regulation and securing or emergency repairments of the roads. The contract has a value of between DKK 200 and 300 million.

“I am really happy that the Danish Road Directorate and the National Police have chosen to accept our offer. The fact that we have been awarded this contract over our two largest competitors in the market shows that the initiatives we have implemented in recent years make us attractive and competitive in the market,” says Senior Director Gunnar Thykjær.

Increased focus on the rescuers’ safety

Following several serious accidents involving boarding vehicles, Falck has worked purposefully to improve the safety of rescuers when working on the roads. Therefore, an essential element of the new agreement is the implementation of Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA).

“This has been extremely important for Falck, as it provides the best solution in terms of both safety and working environment. That is why we have also chosen a much faster phasing-in of TMA trucks than what the contract requires. The model is significantly more expensive than the current vehicles, but it will give both our rescuers and other road users better protection if an accident occurs,” says Gunnar Thykjær.

Falck is already in the process of building a prototype, and once it is approved, production of the 30 TMA trucks will commence. The expectation is that they will be ready in 9 months. In addition to the collision bumper or cushion unit, the new TMA trucks are equipped with speed reduction signs and wings that can be automatically lowered and raised, so that a barrier can be made across several lanes at the same time.

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