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Falck wins ambulance tender in Danish Capital Region

Falck will continue as provider of ambulance services in the Danish Capital Region when the current tender period expires at the end of January 2023. Falck has been awarded four out of five possible sub-agreements and consequently goes from 33 to 51 emergency services in the region.

Aug 24, 2021 15:47 CET

Falck won the tender with a bid in which great emphasis was placed on innovation including an upcoming trial using artificial intelligence.

The residents of the Capital Region will continue to receive help from Falck ambulances and rescuers from February 2023. Falck was awarded four out of five possible subcontracts after the tender round and will thereby be responsible for ambulance operations in all areas in the region except for the subcontract for Hvidovre, which went to Region Hovedstaden.

"This is fantastic news. We are incredibly happy and proud that from 2023 we will provide health services to even more citizens in the Capital Region. In recent years, together with the region, we have developed the ambulance service and provided a high level of service to the residents. We are proud of that, and we look forward to further building on the good cooperation with the region,” says Jakob Riis, CEO of Falck.

Trial with AI

Falck's efforts with innovation in the ambulance area will receive a further boost when the new ambulance contract goes into force. We will, together with the Capital Region of Denmark, start an experiment with artificial intelligence in the ambulance service based on a technology already used at the Capital Region of Denmark's call center when someone calls the emergency number 112.

“It is one of the most innovative offers Falck has ever delivered. Among other things, we are launching a new experiment with artificial intelligence to investigate whether the technology can be used pre-hospital. Of course, we do not yet know exactly how it will work. But if it lives up to our expectations, it can create completely new opportunities to save lives,” says Jakob Riis.

In addition, Falck continues its ambition to convert its vehicles to more sustainable solutions. This means that the ambulance fleet in the Capital Region will, as far as possible, run on HVO100 Biodiesel, which reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to conventional diesel. At the same time, Falck will develop what could become the electric ambulance of the future.

The contract for ambulance operations with the Capital Region runs for six years with the possibility to extend for another two years.

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