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Falck sets up new development unit

Falck has innovated ambulances and healthcare services for over a hundred years - A new development unit will now give a further boost to the healthcare company's innovation in the healthcare area, where Falck will strengthen emergency and healthcare solutions through innovation, drones, artificial intelligence and a greener transformation.

Mar 24, 2022 13:10 CET

Falck's new development unit, Vertical, will work closely with public organisations and partners to create solutions and launch projects that result in smarter and more sustainable solutions for how we optimise emergency, care and health within the prehospital area.

“Our drone project, new digital healthcare services and handling of antigen testing have shown that we can rethink the solutions to known problems and develop completely new solutions. It is based on these experiences that we now increase our focus further on innovation and create an independent unit, Vertical. Vertical will develop our existing services and expand our area of ​​expertise through the development of new healthcare solutions and services in collaboration with public organisations and existing customers,” says CEO, Jakob Riis.

Solutions are created in close contact with researchers and customers
New technologies provide an opportunity to develop and improve existing rescue and emergency services. In collaboration with tech partners and public organisations, the development unit must, among other things, develop and test artificial intelligence in ambulances, green conversion of ambulances, and find sustainable models for how drones can be used in both the pre-hospital area and in rescue operations.

As a global leader within healthcare and rescue, Falck is an expert in operations and services, and in collaboration with customers and research environments we will drive the innovation and integration of new solutions.

“The development of drones for the healthcare area is an excellent example of how the interaction between Falck, customers and public organisations can drive successful innovation projects. We each have our strengths, and Vertical's task is to bring the right partners together to develop and implement the solutions. Innovation is not just about inventing new services, it is just as much about ensuring a successful integration and commercialisation of technical solutions,” says Nicolai Søndergaard Laugesen, head of Falck Vertical.

Falck innovates at different levels. In addition to Vertical, Falck's global innovation unit also runs development projects that represent some of the biggest challenges facing people and communities when it comes to health.

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