Falck donates 30 ambulances to support in Ukraine, Moldova, and Poland

Falck donates 30 ambulances to Ukraine and its neighboring countries, where the ambulances will be part of the local emergency services and the handling of injured Ukrainian citizens and refugees. On Friday, 60 volunteer firefighters, ambulance and assistance rescuers from Falck will drive the ambulances to Poland, where they will be handed over to the local emergency services.

Falck ambulances

Mar 03, 2022 18:05 CET

Following a close dialogue with the Danish emergency authorities, Falck has decided to donate 30 ambulances to help the injured in the war zone and the troubled areas in and around Ukraine. It is expected that the column of ambulances will leave Denmark during Friday 4 March, with expected arrival in Poland on the night of Saturday or early Saturday morning.

60 volunteers from Falck's fire, ambulance and assistance organisation will drive the ambulances from Denmark to Lublin in southeastern Poland. The majority of the ambulances will be handed over here to the local authorities, while Falck employees from Poland ensure that seven of the ambulances are transported on to Moldova, where they will be part of the local emergency services.

"We are witnessing a terrible situation in Ukraine, and we want to help where we can. Therefore, Falck has decided to donate 30 ambulances to the emergency services in and around Ukraine, so that they have the equipment they need to care for the injured. I am overwhelmed by and grateful for the dedication of our employees. More than 500 colleagues have volunteered to drive the ambulances to Poland. This engagement makes a deep impression on me", says CEO Jakob Riis.

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