Falck and Swedish Transport Administration will use drones for traffic overview

The emergency and healthcare company, Falck, has just made a new contract with The Swedish Transport Administration in Stockholm, Trafikverket, where drones will be used to generate a faster real-time overview of traffic when road accidents happen, thereby mitigating queues and intense traffic congestion.

Apr 04, 2023 08:00 CET

Trafikverket and Falck have expanded their collaboration and now added a new innovative drone solution to assists when accidents occur on the roads in Stockholm. The new drone solution provides flexibility for the roadside personnel and provides real-time overview of the traffic which will mitigate congestion with a fast and precise response based on the real-life data from the drone. This will make it easier to redirect traffic, avoid unnecessary time consumption for the drivers and reduce emissions from queues on roads.

“There is such a huge potential in using drones in relation to improve the traffic flow and reducing bottlenecks and queues. We are therefore very pleased that the Trafikverket is open to exploring new technologies in our collaboration so we can improve traffic times and reduce fuel consumption,”
says Frederik Hiort af Ornäs, managing director at Falck Ambulance Sweden.

When road accidents occur, response time and overview are essential to make a fast decision to allocate the right personnel and equipment to assist and secure a traffic flow that reduces congestion.

“By monitoring accidents from a drone perspective, the citizens in Stockholm will experience a smoother traffic on the roads, and in the meantime, we can reduce pollution from vehicles queuing up due to accidents. Drones are in general a more sustainable solution, and we know from research that by reducing congestions CO2-emissions can be reduced by approx. 10%,”
says Nicolai Laugesen, head of Falck’s drones’ activities.

The drone is tethered in a wire, which both increases endurance and works as a safety measurement during the flight. The wire can be released, so the drone can operate without if necessary.

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