Innovation strategy

Exploring the future of healthcare and emergency response through human centered innovation

The future is what we choose to make it. We rely on close collaboration with our customers and end users to help us build the healthcare services of tomorrow.

Falck has always been a people company. Our team of front-line professionals support families around the world through some of life’s toughest moments. That’s why, when we look to the future, we base our innovation on a deep understanding of people’s needs.

To us, innovation means always striving to fulfill our company purpose - to save and improve lives - in a better way or at greater scale. To do this, we combine empathy for the people we serve with the latest in health science and application of the most relevant technology.

4 Solution Spaces

Falck runs innovation projects under four Solution Spaces, which represent some of the biggest challenges people and communities face when it comes to health. These Solution Spaces help us prioritise and focus our efforts towards a future where we save and improve even more lives.

Ease Critical Moments - Web_16_9 - Web_16_9

Ease Critical Moments

During a crisis, the right interventions at the right time are critical to achieve the best outcome.
This solution space explores ways to alleviate the distress and negative impact of critical healthcare moments. 2 opportunities to explore are:

  • Enabling bystanders to effectively support patients and paramedics prior to ambulance arrival.
  • Addressing the psychological crisis of medical emergencies and difficult diagnoses. 

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Optimise Care Journeys

A fragmented healthcare landscape leads to distrust and no care continuity – ultimately impacting diagnosis and outcomes.
This solution space explores ways to navigate and coordinate through targeted care pathways. 2 opportunities to explore are:

  • Guiding people to tailored care throughout their life's healthcare experiences.
  • Improving the handover of information during the transition moments of patient care.

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Enable Equal Access

Today, many people receive insufficient care due to barriers like logistics, racial disparity, and cultural misunderstandings.
This solution space explores ways to deliver accessible care to diverse populations. 2 opportunities to explore are:

  • Ensuring vulnerable populations get access to the right emergency care when needed, leading to optimal outcomes.
  • Bring point of care closer to the individual person.

Build Resilient Communities - Web_16_9 - Web_16_9

Build Resilient Communities

Families, organizations and cities need the tools and knowledge to prevent, withstand and recover from health challenges. 
This solution space explores ways to increase sustainable healthcare engagement across daily life. 2 opportunities to explore are:

  • Enabling people to integrate preventative and rehabilitative actions into daily life.
  • Helping people to seek psychological care at the right time.


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