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Falck has always been a people company. Our team of front-line professionals support families around the world through some of life’s toughest moments. That’s why, when we look to the future, we base our innovation on a deep understanding of people’s needs.

Falck’s innovation approach is focused on addressing healthcare challenges and opportunities that support Falck’s purpose to ‘advance sustainable healthcare’. 3 solution spaces were identified that represent some of the toughest problems in today’s healthcare landscape and are strategic focus areas for innovation at Falck. The solution spaces are Ease Critical Moments, Enable Equal Access, and Build Resilient Communities.

Learn more about one of our recent projects to ease critical moments by watching the video below about Project Lighthouse.

3 Solution Spaces

Falck runs innovation projects under three Solution Spaces, which represent some of the biggest challenges people and communities face when it comes to health. These Solution Spaces help us prioritise and focus our efforts towards a future where we save and improve even more lives.

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Ease Critical Moments

During a crisis, the right interventions at the right time are critical to achieve the best outcome. Easing critical moments means alleviating the negative impact of critical healthcare moments

Read more about Project Lighthouse

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Enable Equal Access

Today many people receive insufficient care due to financial, cultural and logistical barriers. Enabling equal access means delivering inclusive care to diverse populations and helping them navigate their care, even when systems are pressured

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Build Resilient Communities

Families, organizations and cities need the tools to prevent, withstand and recover from societal and climate challenges that impact health. Building resilient communities means practicing healthcare engagement across daily life

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