The future of emergency response

Paramedics in manned drones to save more lives

Falck will make manned drones an integral part of its fire and emergency medical services. Before 2025, the first citizens will be met by paramedics flying in drones. The technology is rapidly evolving. Next phase will be to gain concrete experience of how drones may be used in specific situations and to adjust legislation to allow drones to become part of everyday life.

With the new technology, it is Falck’s ambition to save and improve lives among critically ill and injured patients. At the same time, the company sees perspective in the ability to respond with a single paramedic, who can assess whether an ambulance is needed.

Therefore, Falck is initiating its first test flights with unmanned drones and is working on establishing a partnership with a tech-partner with whom the company can carry out manned drone flights.

The drone flying paramedics is one of several initiatives from Falck which will set the standard for how emergency medical services will look just ten years from now.

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We rethink healthcare and emergency response

10-15 years ago, Falck created one of the world’s most sophisticated emergency medical services together with our customers. Today, an ambulance is an advanced point of treatment, a rolling clinic. Doctors and paramedics initiate the first treatment of critically ill and injured patients in the ambulance. Now, we are once again working on developing ambulance and health services to set the standard for emergency medical services in just ten years.

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Falck continues the cooperation on health drones

Falck will unite its development and innovation initiatives in the drone area under the project ”Vertical”.

Since 2018, Falck has been part of the innovation project “HealthDrones” -  a three-year innovation project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark. In partnership with with Holo, Unifly, SA Group, Odense University Hospital and University of Southern Denmark. The project investigates how drones may be used for transportation of e.g. blood samples and medical equipment.

With Falck’s new and bigger ambition, the company will now also carry out its own flights. The goal is to gain experience with drones manned with e.g. paramedics. The existing cooperation with HealthDrones continues until 2022.

Falck expects to carry out the manned drone flights in cooperation with customers in either Denmark or abroad. Several customers have already expressed their interest. Falck expects to cooperate with one or more customers where the existing emergency medical services are at a high level and where customers’ readiness for development is high.


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