PRM Services by Falck

Falck’s PRM services ensure on-time departures and satisfied passengers in compliance with EU legislation, with easy contract management and full control.

Helping people is our core service
Falck is specialised provider of healthcare and assistance services – Falck is a “people helping people company”.
Successful PRM-service is all about having the right people
Falck staff are selected based on their experience, competence and of course their personal characteristics to work in the front line.
Staff must have a truly ”caring mentality”. They must have a natural aptitude for providing excellent passenger service and understanding the PRM’s individual needs.
We design an effective PRM service organization with clearly defined roles and job profiles.
All members of the PRM service team are equally important for the service. The managers and team leaders must be visible on the floor – we call it “hands on management”.
Our PRM service team consists of women and men, young and more experienced, with different ethnical and cultural background, and ability to speak many of the languages of the airline passengers.
Right skills and competences as basis for top service delivery
Top service delivery requires focus on right skills and competences of staff:
  • We set clear minimum standards for skills and competencies for each PRM role.
  • Continuous and comprehensive training of staff is Falck’s way to ensure the required service quality level as wells as the safety for passengers and staff.
  • Re-training on a quarterly basis.
Organisation and systems securing compliance and control
Managing the PRM operation properly is a critical factor – to accommodate the expectations of airport, airlines and PRM passengers.
Falck takes full operational responsibility for daily operation with single-point-of-contact for easy contract management.
Structured processes certified according to ISO9001 secure compliance.
Efficient and structured processes consistently monitoring operations
A central control centre consistently monitors airlines schedules and changing of plans.
Through proper planning and scheduling, we provide the correct staff (skills) and equipment (type) to service each individual PRM passenger as well as support on-time departure of aircrafts in order to reduce inconvenience to passengers and costs to airlines.
We focus on awareness of the end-to-end processes as part of the total passenger experience. This includes responding to recurring incidents and issues – in particular at hand-over points.
Close cooperation with key Airport Stakeholders
Falck is dedicated to developing close cooperation with key stakeholders at the airport; user and handicap organisations as well as airlines and handling companies. This helps to ensure a smooth, on-time travel service experience for all customers - PRM passengers and airlines.


DK-1780 Copenhagen V
Tel.: +45 70 33 33 11

Fax.: +45 33 15 29 57


CBR: 16271241


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