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Crisis Management Response and Assistance

In the event of a crisis or a major incident, your company’s regular business procedures are most often disrupted and resources are relocated to manage the crisis. Falck Global Assistance can help show you how to react in a crisis situation, advise you on how to mitigate specific crises and assist you on evaluating and in the end learning from it. 

Depending on the extent and nature of the specific situation, we can deploy a team of medical specialists, e.g. doctors, nurses, paramedics or logistical experts, to the place of the incident, or we can send a team of crisis management specialists to your company HQ to assist and advise your internal crisis management team on how to manage the situation. 

Crisis situations are unpredictable and can potentially put pressure on the information flow at your company. If it is required, Falck Global Assistance can set up a Crisis Response Centre staffed with experienced assistance coordinators to handle the increased volume of incoming calls and enquiries from overseas employees, the media and relatives that often is caused in the wake of an unforeseen incident. Our 24/7 emergency response centres around the world work seamlessly together to avoid any call overload or unanswered crisis-related enquiries. 

During a crisis situation, our emergency response centres are open day and night to help you with anything from language and translation services, psychological advice and family liaison services to repatriation, repatriation of mortal remains and evacuations. 

​Falck Global Assistance is a part of Falck Group that offers worldwide rescue services.

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