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Falck Global Assistance introduces Falck Risk Solutions – a new security entity

​Falck Global Assistance and The Koa Group join forces and form a new security entity to meet the increasing interest for safety and security measures from global companies and organisations who seek to live up to their duty of care obligation towards their employees.

In the wake of recent years’ increasing attention and awareness of acts of terrorism, Falck Global Assistance has experienced a growing demand for services and products related to the safety of travelling and stationed employees in global companies and organisations.

An increasing demand for comprehensive and reliable tracking solutions to support monitoring of assets and people kicked off discussions between Falck Global Assistance and the US-based technology company, The Koa Group. As a result of these discussions, Falck Risk Solutions – a new security entity within Falck Global Assistance – is introduced and will soon roll out a state-of-the-art tracking solution.

​The new entity will be responsible for handling and delivering all security-related services in Falck Global Assistance to existing and new customers. In the short run, the new setup will not influence the on a day-to-day service deliveries to existing customers as the local operational setup will stay unchanged.

With the formation of Falck Risk Solutions, the owners of The Koa Group become part of Falck Global Assistance, and the new entity ensures a continuous strong focus and further development of security services in the years to come. Furthermore, existing and future customers will benefit from a stronger setup combining core travel risk competences of Falck Global Assistance with Koa Group’s security technology and software knowledge.

​Falck Global Assistance is a part of Falck Group that offers worldwide rescue services.

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