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Update on the situation in Thailand

​ In total, four people have been killed and at least 35 injured, including 10 foreign nationals.
The first bomb exploded in Hua Hin at around 22:00 (local time) on Thursday 11 August. Twenty minutes later the second bomb exploded near a bar 50 meters away from the first explosion. Both devices were detonated by mobile phones.
All attacks have reportedly been aiming at tourist areas; no one has claimed responsibility for the actions.


Brief overview of all attacks

Hua Hin: Four explosions kiling two people and injuring at least 20
Surat Thani: One explosion


Trang: One explosion at a market killing one Thai woman and six people injured


Phang Nga: Two explosions damaging two vehicles


Phuket: One explosion at Loma Beach injuring one person and one near a police traffic control booth

Travel advice for Thailand

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has ordered increased security across urban and tourist areas, but also stated that people should stay calm. It is encouraged to exercise caution in crowded places. Be particularly vigilant in shopping centres, markets, bars, restaurants and transport hubs and immediately report any suspicious behaviour or packages to the authorities.


​As a traveller, you should 

  • Expect heightened security measures in the coming days and be prepared for, but not alarmed by, related routine searches.
  • Adhere to all directives issued by the authorities. Following such incidents, the security forces routinely enhance their presence in and around the area.
  • Carry photo identification when you move around the country and in the cities, as you may asked to prove your identity according to Thai law.
  • Contact relatives in home country and let them know that you are well
  • Stay updated on the situation at your country specific foreign ministry website
  • Consider registering on the visitors list at the embassy.
Contact Thailand Tourist Police at +66 1155.
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