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Gastroenteritis tops diagnoses lists

​Summer is here, and many are about to go abroad on a vacation. For numerous travellers, however, the planned vacation is unintentionally interrupted due to illness or injury.


In the summer season, the typical diagnoses are ear, nose, throat and heart diseases, but figures from Falck Global Assistance show that gastroenteritis is common in all seasons.

The past few years, gastroenteritis has represented at least one third of the claimed cases at Falck Global Assistance.

“Most cases of of gastroenteritis are caused by poor general hygiene. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to potential sources of infections, e.g. badly prepared food, fruit and vegetables that have not been cleaned properly or just general hygiene in local kitchens. If hit by an infection, remember to drink plenty of water in order to prevent dehydration”, says Bjørn Arenkiel, Contact Doctor at Falck Global Assistance.


Pre-travel advice
  • Be aware of the risk of diseases in the country you are travelling to 
    Be aware of sources of infection and hygiene 
  • Make sure that water bottles and jugs are unopened before use 
  • Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of mineral water 
  • Use hand sanitizer if you have been in contact with a potential source of infection
  • Bring your insurance information and the European Health Insurance Card (if travelling in Europe) in case of illness or injury during the holiday

In case of an accident
If you should fall ill or suffer an injury and you need medical assistance, Falck Global Assistance has gathered some travel advice:

  • When treated, remember to show your European Health Insurance Card if travelling in Europe
  • Contact your insurance company for advice and assistance 
  • Make sure to get documentation for your treatment 
  • Upon arrival at your home country, contact the claims department at your insurance company in order to claim reimbursement for your expenses

Top-five diagnoses (summer 2015)

1. Gastroenteritis (38%)
2. Heart diseases (19%)
3. Other diseases of the gastro intestinal tract (16%)
4. Infection of the external ear (14%)
5. Infection of ear, nose, throat (13%)

Source: Falck Global Assistance

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