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Deployment of crisis team to Brussels

​After the bomb attacks in Brussels Tuesday morning, Falck deploys a crisis team to the city at 17:00 to provide support and advice to Nordic travellers and expats who are now in the city.
The crisis team, which consists of Swedish psychologists and evacuations experts, will be staying at the Royal Windsor Hotel Grand'Place, Rue Duquesnoy 5-7, Brussels, 1000 BE. Here, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish travellers and expats can seek information, help and advice with regard to medical needs, logistics in relation to transportation and insurance coverage.  
At 8.00 this morning, local media reported that two explosions had occurred in the departure hall at the airport in Brussels. State news media has reported that the explosions was part of a suicide attack. At 9:00, there were reports of another explosion at a subway station, close to the European parliament.
At lunchtime, the federal crisis centre of Belgian Internal Affairs announced that the public transport is not in use and they have announced following recommendations:
  • All train and underground station are evacuated and everyone in Brussels should stay where they are.
  • Phone calls should be avoided unless they are necessary. The recommendation is to communicate with text messages or over the Internet.
  • Stay updated at
Advice for travellers in Brussels
  • Stay updated on the situation via media, embassies, etc.
  • Pay attention and report any suspicious actions to the authorities
  • Stay away from the places of incident
  • Avoid large crowds and large public places
  • Avoid using public transportation
  • Always bring identification when you are out
  • Stay updated with your travel operator
​In all life-threatening situations, travellers should contact the local emergency number.
In case of non-life-threatening situations, contact Falck Global Assistance 24/7 emergency response centres
Denmark +45 7025 0405
Norway +47 2149 2415
Sweden +46 8 5877 1717
For further information, please contact Lotta Smith, Press officer, Falck Sweden at +46 733 730 112.
​Falck Global Assistance is a part of Falck Group that offers worldwide rescue services.

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