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Busy summer at Falck Global Assistance

​The months of July and August are usually a busy time for Falck Global Assistance as many travellers go on vacation. This means a high case volume at our eight emergency response centres and this summer has been no exception. During the traditional summer peak season in July and August (weeks 26-32), Falck Global Assistance has seen an increase of 26% in registered cases compared to the same period last year.

Tendencies of this season
In the summer period, the typical diagnoses are infection of ear and heart diseases and once again, gastroenteritis tops the list with 38% of the registered cases. However, from 2015 to 2016 Falck Global Assistance has seen a significant increase in the wound diagnoses of 159%.

Spain and Turkey are the countries within which Falck Global Assistance has assisted the most travellers during the July and August in 2016. The general leisure travel pattern is very similar to previous years, but all of our Scandinavian emergency response centres have experienced an increase in the number of cases in week 29-30. Especially, the number of cancellations increased during the season, which may have been influenced by the incidents in Turkey and France.

​The new travel normal
The increase of terror incidents during recent years may affect the way people are travelling. This summer, terror incidents have hit popular tourist destinations causing travellers to be more aware and feel uncertain about their travel situation.


“The increased focus on terror incidents especially in the media may have caused more uncertainty among travellers. Even though, the number of terror incidents have increased, the risk of terror is still insignificant compared to the risk of falling ill or suffering an injury during vacation. Preparing for such incidents is really difficult but it is advised that you check the conditions of your travel insurance and stay updated on travel advice from your national Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, says Global Head of Security in Falck Global Assistance, Rezwan Ali.


*Percent change in registered cases from 2015 to 2016
Source: Falck Global Assistance 

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