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Attack on the Ataturk airport in Istanbul

Late last night at approximately 22:15 local time (19:15 GMT), a gun and bomb attack on the international airport Ataturk in Istanbul, Turkey, killed at least 41 and injured 239 people.
It has now been confirmed that three suicide bombers were responsible for the attack.

Tuesday evening, two bombs exploded near the airport, one just outside the airport terminal, the other at the security gate near at the entrance of the airport. Prior to the bombings, perpetrators opened fire with Kalashnikov rifles before blowing themselves up.

After being closed for all domestic and international flights last night, the  Ataturk airport was opened again this morning at 8:00 local time.

General travel advice for Istanbul

Travellers are advised to
  • Stay clear of public places until the situation has stabilised.
  • Stay clear of the Ataturk airport until declared reopened by the Turkish police and security forces.
  • Stay updated on the situation via local and international media.
  • Stay updated on travel advice from public authorities in their country of residence.
  • Adhere to the instructions provided by local public authorities.
  • Contact their travel booking agency or aviation representative prior to departure for the airport. 

In all life-threatening emergencies, travellers should contact the local emergency num-ber.


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