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Attack in Nice, France

​Shortly after the traditional firework late last night a little after 22:30 local time on the day marking France’s day of independence day – Bastille day, a white truck at full speed ploughed into the crowd walking on the Promenade des Anglais. The truck zigzagged with a speed of around 50 km/h down the Promenade killing at least 84 people and critically injuring additional 18 people.  


The French president Hollande has proclaimed the attack an act of terror and extended the state of emergency by a further three months. Initially the state of emergency was supposed to be lifted by the end of July. Additional national troops have been deployed to Nice to aid the police.


The driver has been identified as a 31-year-old man of Franco-Tunisian origin living in Nice. He was previously known by the police for common crimes, but not by the intelligence services. It is still unknown whether the driver acted alone.


Falck Global Assistance has been in highest alert and has already helped and assisted several people with logistics, transport from Nice, and crisis aid and counselling. We are in close contact with our local French Falck emergency people on the ground and we will continue to follow the situation and assist wherever needed.


Travel advice for travellers in Nice and the rest of France:


  • Stay informed via local and international media
  • Avoid the Promonade des Anglais
  • Follow advice from local authorities
  • Use caution and shy away from larger gatherings
  • Contact your next of kin
  • For more information or inquiries, contact your respective foreign services

​We highly recommend all travellers in France to download the French Interior Ministry app: SAIP. The app provides up-to-date notifications, alerts and advice in case of major incidents. Available for both Android and iPhone.


In addition, we recommend the following travel advice and caution:


  • Travellers should expect an increase in police and military presence.
  • Thorough security checks can take place, why travellers are advised to always carry their ID, and in turn be ready to show it if needed
  • Travellers are advised stay informed via media and through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Travellers are advised to contact their insurance company regarding coverage and psychological debriefing
  • Travellers who have been experienced the attach or otherwise been affected by it, can experience delayed symptoms of stress
  • Travellers with children should talk to the child and make certain that he or she has not been affected by the experience. If you have been involved in or been close to the incident psychological support can be necessary. We are ready to help both children and adults through it with our experienced phycologists.


In all life-threatening emergencies, travellers should contact the local emergency number. Dial 112 when in France.


In case of non-life-threatening situations, contact Falck Global Assistance 24/7 emergency response centres.


Denmark +45 7025 0405
Norway +47 2149 2415
Sweden +46 8 58 771 717
China +86 (10) 58 203 278
India +91 1 244 006 675
US +1 8 556 596 672

​Falck Global Assistance is a part of Falck Group that offers worldwide rescue services.

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