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Update on Greece

At the moment, it is considered safe to travel to Greece. The healthcare system is normally functio-ning, restaurants accept payments with credit card and there is no scarcity of goods and gasoline, neither on the mainland nor at the islands.
However, banks are still closed and restrictions on cash withdrawals on Greek credit cards are upheld.
Advice for travellers going to Greece
Falck Global Assistance has collected some general travel advice for people going to Greece
  • Make sure to bring sufficient cash on your journey. At the moment, there are no restrictions on the amount of cash withdrawals when using international credit cards, but several ATMs may be empty and long queues may occur
  • Be cautious when carrying a large amount of money, rent a safety box at your ho-tel and read the terms of your household furniture insurance
  • Keep updated on the general development in the country, e.g. via media and ministries of foreign affairs
  • Read the terms of your travel insurance to make sure you are sufficiently covered if something occurs during your travel
  • Contact the Falck Global Assistance before you seek medical treatment at local clinics or hospitals to get proper advice on how to further behave in the situation at hand  
​Contact our 24/7 emergency response centre at +457025 0405.

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