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A passion for safety

At Falck we are passionate about safety. It is with this deep sense of passion that we share our experience and expertise with those who can benefit from it most.


Safety isn’t something that just happens. It must be planned for, managed continuously, and considered over the long term.


Developing and maintaining a safety strategy begins with understanding the risks that could negatively affect your organization. Business continuity is critical to the survival of every firm. Yet even with the best of intentions, incidents still happen. And if the response to an incident is not effective, the impact can be devastating.


Planning for the unexpected is essential to business survival.


Using our unrivalled expertise, we develop safety strategies that control and mitigate both the risk and impact of incidents and, in the event of a crisis, ensure your business is in a position to carry on with minimal disruption.


A holistic view

We take a holistic approach to risk assessment, prevention and the safety of your organization. Our holistic approach addresses the full safety cycle, which consists of:

  • Safety policy

  • Prevention

  • Preparation

  • Intervention

  • Aftercare


Safety cycle 



The quality of your company’s safety strategy is determined by the ability of your employees to swiftly tackle emergency situations. For this to be fully effective, organizations must ensure employees have the necessary skills and training to protect themselves, colleagues, and the well being of the business.


Falck has unparalleled expertise in identifying the risks unique to your own business operations and trains employees accordingly using internationally recognized and realistic training methods. In doing so, we help you develop a fully prepared in-house emergency response team, thus providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your business.


Our expertise

With many years of hands-on experience in industrial and public sectors, Falck’s consultants and instructors are experts in the field of safety and firefighting. They are also expert at transferring their unique knowledge to our customers.


As a customer, we offer you access to our comprehensive training facilities in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in which we can:

  • Simulate large fires, including black smoke
  • Burn a range of fuels, wood and gas
  • Train employees using a variety of realistic training objects

We can also offer you access to other unique training sites around the world or develop customized in-house training on your own premises.


International standards

All our education and training programmes are based on international standards (e.g. NFPA, JOIFF) and are in accordance with legislation and regulation in your respective country. The delivery of our courses and external training sites are assured by the Falck Accreditation System and our ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.


More information

Whether it's consulting, education, training or providing assistance in emergency

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