Additional Services


Through the integrated fire service solution, Falck is also able to deliver additional vital services related to the safety and health of your facilities and employees. These include:


Additional on-site services


Ambulance & Rescue 

Falck is capable of providing onsite ambulance services delivering medical coverage for the people working in the facility. Our emergency ambulance services ensure that your employees benefit from on-site medical coverage and our Advanced Life Support ambulances are equipped with cutting edge equipment.


In addition to ambulances, we deliver trained doctors and paramedics who are available on-site 24/7.


Falck’s medical staff members are specially trained to handle emergencies in a pre-hospital setting, and are supported with lifelong medical education.


Occupational Healthcare 

Falck can deliver occupational healthcare and emergency medical assistance to your personnel through an onsite clinic located at your facility. Industrial sites pose unique risks and our clinics enable companies to meet duty of care obligations for their employees.

We deliver occupational healthcare and EMS onsite at your facility and the clinics can be equipped and staffed to provide care around the clock.


We design and operate each clinic according to your specific requirements. Today, Falck operates occupational healthcare clinics in Europe, Latin America and Asia. 


Other global services


Global emergency response teams 

Falck operates specialized highly skilled teams worldwide to respond to emergencies. These specialists are on constant standby to manage emergencies such as ship fires or accidents involving dangerous substances.


Within 24 hours and using our own equipment, our teams can be deployed anywhere in the world. In times of emergency, our ERTs can mean the difference between harm reduction and total loss, and the difference between life and death.


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