Business areas

Our business consists of three core business areas: Ambulance, Employee Healthcare and Assistance. And a portfolio of smaller businesses for maturing and optimisation: Industrial Firefighting and Global Assistance. 

Ambulance operates more than 2,500 ambulances, patient transport vehicles and medical emergency response units, and our employees help ill and injured people all around the world.

Employee Healthcare is the largest provider of employee healthcare programs in Scandinavia. We make it easy for businesses and organisations to ensure that employees and citizens have longer, healthier and better working lives.

Assistance helps safeguard and support our customers, either by providing advice on the prevention of accidents and other incidents, or by ensuring fast and competent assistance if an accident does occur.

Portfolio Businesses consist of businesses we are maturing and optimising. The service areas include: Global Assistance and Industrial Firefighting. 

All these activities are built on a fundamental vision that Falck consists of people helping people. Falck’s employees respond when accidents occur; they train people in taking care of themselves and the people around them; they fix cars that won’t run and they relieve pain of the body and soul. Thus, empathy and determination is part of all Falck employees’ DNA.

Falck milestones
Falck’s company development from its origin in 1906 to the present:
​1906 ​Assistance

2001 Healthcare
​1907 ​Ambulance ​2003 Clinics

​Doctors on-call

​2004 Start of globalisation
​1909 ​Fire fighting equipment sale and education ​2008 ​Alarms
​1922 ​Fire fighting 2009 Global Assistance


​Fire fighter school


​Ambulances in USA and Latin America


​Private subscriptions


​New long-term owners (Lundbeck
​1942 ​Artificial lungs to polio patients ​Foundation and KIRKBI)
​1997 ​Offshore training ​2014 ​TryghedsGruppen included in ownership


​​Sydhavnsgade 18

DK-2450 Copenhagen SV
Tel.: +45 70 33 33 11

CBR: 16271241​

Data protection​


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