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Falck is ready to help travellers and expats in distress, no matter where they are in the world. To flying nurse Maria Wivel it is essential to act quickly.

Dust and dirt is stirred up as the rescue helicopter lands outside a mountain village in Eastern Mongolia. A Danish engineer has been carried down to the village following an accident while charting a mountainous area.

“He was in critical condition and there is no medical clinic in the area. We needed to quickly arrange a helicopter to evacuate him,” explains flying nurse Maria Wivel who was on duty when the report of the injured engineer came in.

“We assist companies that often send their employees to remote areas far from hospitals and medical clinics.”

”The first rescue helicopter couldn’t touch down because of fog. Over the phone one of our doctors supported the local assistance stabilising the engineer until the helicopter could land,” says Maria Wivel.


Many remote places have limited emergency infrastructure, and Falck was the first to receive the emergency call.


”We make sure the patient gets the necessary treatment quickly – either locally or at a quality hospital in our network. In this case, we needed to evacuate him to the capital Ulan Bator,” says Maria Wivel.


It turns out that the engineer has a punctured lung and two broken ribs. While he was being stabilised for repatriation, Maria Wivel boarded a plane along with a Falck flying doctor to meet the patient and escort him safely back to Denmark.


“A patient’s condition can change suddenly. As medical crew we need to be able to quickly adjust the treatment or change the way we repatriate the patient,” says Maria Wivel.


During repatriation Maria and the doctor were in constant contact with Falck’s emergency response centre, the local hospital and the engineer’s relatives. 


“My job was to make sure the engineer was in safe hands until we got him back to Denmark for further treatment. His family were eagerly waiting for him to be brought home safe and sound,” says Maria Wivel.

"We need to be alert and able to quickly adjust a treatment or change the way we repatriate a patient."





Maria Wivel, 39 years old

  • She works as a flying nurse at Falck.
  • Assists in emergency responses to help to expats or tourists who suffer an injury abroad.


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