Marian does not hesitate

In the Romanian city of Ploiesti, fire fighter Marian Cioc and his colleagues are ready to respond quickly when the alarm goes off.

”There’s a fire in a pump by wastewater container number three!”


The alarm went off one summer day at the refinery in the Romanian city of Ploiesti. Marian Cioc is a fire fighter. That day, he drove the fire engine and while rushing to the scene of the fire he received all the relevant information on wind conditions and the specific chemicals involved in the fire over the radio.


“I know the site like the back of my hand and I know exactly where to park the fire engine in order to avoid the smoke from the fire. This means that I can come to my colleagues’ rescue quicker if necessary,” says Marian Cioc.


Since 2008, Falck has provided fire-fighting services at this sizable refinery. Covering 3.5 square kilometres of mainly oil production and chemical processing facilities, it is one of the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe.


At industrial sites like this one it is essential that the fire fighters have expert knowledge on how chemicals react to high temperature heat, so they know whether to use water, foam or other materials to put out the fire. That came in handy at the fire in Ploiesti in 2009.

“We quickly put out the fire in the pump by the waste water container, and 20 minutes later we could roll up the fire hoses and return to the station,” says Marian Cioc.


He knows he is dealing with dangerous chemicals but he completely trusts the skills he and his colleagues maintain and refine constantly.

”To make the right decisions it is important that we know our business and have the right equipment to deal properly with a fire or a gas leak. And we do,” he says.

”There can be absolutely no hesitation, so it’s important to stay calm and do things in the right order,” says Marian Cioc.





Marian Cioc, 32 years old

  • He works as a fire fighter at Falck’s fire station in the Romanian city of Ploiesti.
  • When there is a fire, he drives the fire engine and assists at the site of the fire. 


About Falck Fire services

Falck provides fire and safety services to, among others, industrial plants and airports in Slovakia, Romania, Spain and Sweden. These clients all specifically need fire fighters with expert knowledge on chemical fires, gas leaks and industrial fire counselling.


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