Guillermo wants to become even better

In Washington state in the north-western part of the USA, people who are sick or injured can get help from Falck rescue officers and nurses. One of these people is rescue officer Guillermo Canate.

One evening in December Guillermo Canate was about to help transport a small child in distress to hospital. The child was obviously in pain, clenching his teeth and gasping for breath. Guillermo Canate is happy his colleagues are experienced and good at their job.
“One of the things I’ve picked up over the years is that a young child’s condition can deteriorate really fast – which is why it’s really important that they’re supervised by people who know what they’re doing while inside the ambulance,” says 33-year-old Guillermo Canate.
The kid was suffering from shortness of breath and looked pale. Guillermo Canate had been called in for emergency transport to the children’s department at the Mary Bridge Hospital in Tacoma.
Guillermo Canate works out of the station in Mountlake Terrace, half an hour’s drive from Seattle, Washington. Falck runs seven ambulances in the area and they mostly provide transport between hospitals.
The boy’s shortness of breath demands extra treatment in the ambulance. This included monitoring his heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.
”It’s all about working together as a team. I drive the ambulance because there’s a need for my qualifications and my experience,” says Guillermo Canate.
Guillermo Canate has driven ambulances since 2008. Today, he is an ambulance officer but he would like to receive additional training in order to further his career with Falck.
”The next step for me is to train as a nurse or paramedic. I’d like to learn more, so I can help my patients more,” says Guillermo Canate.
The kid in the back of the ambulance flashes a smile as Guillermo Canate turns on the siren. Everyone in the ambulance is relieved.
“That’s always nice to see. I was just happy to see him breathing on his own,” says Guillermo Canate.

"In my opinion competent means knowing your skills and always wanting to improve. This means that you can provide the correct treatment for a patient without question and that you have the right knowledge to do the job."






Guillermo Canate, 33 years old

  • Ambulance officer in Seattle, USA
  • Before joining Falck in 2012, he worked as an ambulance officer for four years.
  • He is married and has two kids.


About emergency medical services

Falck is the world’s largest international ambulance provider, and rescue officers, nurses and doctors plying their trade at Falck treat more than four million sick or injured people every year.


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