Anders comes to rescue in a red car

For roadside rescue officer Anders Håkansson from Sweden it is a good day when he has a chance to help people get on the move right away.

On a scorching hot summer’s day Anders Håkansson, 31, received a call from the control centre: In the Malmö suburb of Vellinge in southern Sweden, a child is locked inside a car and the keys are inside.


“I called the parents as I was approaching the scene. They were obviously very concerned so it means quite a lot that you’re calm and composed – and still quick.” 


The Falck station where Anders Håkansson works is a family business. It was founded by his father and Anders’ closest colleagues are his siblings. He went straight into the roadside assistance business after he finished school 13 years ago. Today this station is one of more than 200 Falck stations in Sweden. 

“This won’t take long,” said Anders Håkansson reassuringly to the parents standing by their locked car.


He can hear the child crying from inside the car. The child was given the keys to play with and then accidentally activated the car’s central locking system. This is something Anders has seen before. 


"If I can’t unlock the car, I’ll break the window.”


The most important thing for Anders Håkansson in a situation like this is that his clients feel that they receive help quickly when they need it. And he takes responsibility right away. No matter if a car has broken down or if a home owner has problems with a leaky basement or snow on the roof. 


“The most important thing is that the clients feel they are in good hands when we arrive,” says Anders Håkansson.


It only takes him a couple of minutes to get the car door open. The parents embrace and kiss their child and thank Anders Håkansson repeatedly before he moves on.

"The most important thing is that the clients feel they are in good hands when we arrive and that they feel safe."





Anders Håkansson, 31 years old

  • He works as a roadside rescue officer in the Swedish town of Vellinge.
  • For 13 years, he has driven a red Falck tow truck.
  • When a motorist calls for help, Anders Håkonsson responds. If he can’t solve the problems on the spot, he tows the car to the garage. 



About roadside assistance 

Falck’s roadside assistance business is predominantly located in the Nordic countries, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland – and in Estonia.


1.7 million private customers subscribe to one or more of Falck’s services mainly directed at motorists, cars and homes.


Falck also has more than 100,000 public institutions and private companies as clients.


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