Clients are safe with Richard

At the training centre in Johor Bahru in Malaysia, safety instructor Richard Ng teaches clients to take care of themselves and their colleagues.

”I don’t want to do this. I have kids!”

Wearing a red helmet and sporting a black moustache, a large, Indian Falck client looks pleadingly into Richard Ng’s eyes and asks again to be relieved of any further water drills.


Richard Ng, a 47-year-old experienced Falck safety instructor, answers the rig worker calmly. He is teaching him how to use breathing equipment in the water.


During the course there are a number of additional drills and exercises that will teach the Indian man and his fellow course participants how to save themselves and their colleagues should they be in a crash over water during one of the frequent helicopter trips transporting rig workers to and from offshore oil rigs.

”But I can’t swim”, says the man in the red helmet.

He is desperately grasping the ridge. Richard Ng keeps talking to him calmly.

”I’m not asking you to swim. Only to remember the things I tell you about safety.”

Richard Ng often has clients who feel unsafe. Some do not like to jump into the water from five metres, and some, like this Indian client, simply cannot swim. Richard Ng smiles a lot and radiates confidence when telling clients that they are always in safe hands with Falck.

”Our experienced instructors above and below the water surface do their best to make everybody feel safe, which means that the clients can concentrate on their drills and exercises,” says Richard Ng.

It is essential that everyone working offshore knows exactly what to do if an accident occurs.

“We never force people to do anything – we urge them to use their common sense. We instruct them in how to look out for themselves and their colleagues,” says Richard Ng as he pats his Indian client, who has now successfully completed his water drills, encouragingly on the shoulder.

"Our experienced instructors above and below the water surface do their best to make everybody feel safe which means that our clients can concentrate on their drills and exercises."





Richard Ng, 47 years old

  • Safety instructor in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • Richard Ng was a diving instructor for 15 years on Tioman Island off the Malaysia coastline before he joined Falck as a safety instructor in 2008.
  • He lives in Johor Bahru with his wife and son. 



About Falck Safety services

Johor Bahru is just one of Falck’s many training centres worldwide.


Here, clients learn, among many other things, how to get out of a ditched helicopter and get themselves on board a life raft or how to act in case of a fire or an explosion and general safety training following other types of emergency.

Falck is the world’s leading provider of rescue and safety courses for people working in the offshore and maritime industries, in particular. The chemical industry, the aviation industry and the national defence in Denmark and Sweden also benefit from Falck’s special skills and expertise and our more than 100 years of national and international experience in many different types of rescue and safety services.


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