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At Falck, you are a trusted member of a professional team built on care. Here, you have thousands of colleagues always ready to step in with help, support, and answers when you need it. We have different skills and personalities, but we all act with care at heart. We care for people in need, for each other, our customers, our company, and society.

"Once you put on the uniform, it’s not just an obligation. It’s a commitment.”

Najim Stitou is a small man with a big heart. He likes people. He likes to help. And he likes action. As a Roadside Assistance Technician at Falck, he has found the perfect way to give his energy and urge to help direction and purpose.

Meet Najim

”In every decision I make, my focus is our employees. Always.”

Greta Nyström is a tough woman. Mother of seven, Specialist Nurse, and former owner of her own company she doesn’t like to be told what to do – or how to do it. As Station Manager in Falck, she has found the perfect way to combine her love for emergency care and people management.

Meet Greta

“It has put me massively out of my comfort zone. But that’s how you grow as a person.”

Tony Sivills likes to do things in threes. He spent three years as a Site Protection Officer. Three years as a Crew Commander, and three years as Station Commander. As a Fire Engineer for Falck, he has found the perfect way to combine his practical skills with his academic interests – and put himself out of his comfort zone again.

Meet Tony

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