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We want to conduct business in a way that never breaches the trust of our employees, our partners, our customers and the communities in which we operate.

Falck’s business is built on trust. We make critical decisions every day when we assist people in need, and people trust us with their lives. We are committed to maintaining that trust throughout all our operations.

Code of Conduct 

Our way of conducting business at Falck is based on our global Employee Code of Conduct. This sets out the minimum standards and ethical principles applicable to all employees. It provides our employees with a common understanding of how we conduct business at Falck and promotes high ethical standards of everyone in the company.

To ensure the principles of our Employee Code of Conduct are imbedded in the way we work, we run awareness campaigns and offer training to our employees every second year. Code of Conduct training of employees is chosen as a KPI in our ESG dashboard. The target is to train all full-time employees and thereby foster a culture of integrity and trust in Falck.

In performing our services Falck relies greatly on goods and services delivered by suppliers. Therefore, it is imperative for Falck that all parties involved in the supply chain behave ethically and correctly. All suppliers, and their sub-suppliers, must comply with our Falck Supplier Code of Conduct and are required to communicate the obligations set out herein and ensure compliance with the Code throughout their organisations and supply chains.

Code of Conduct 


Our whistleblower system, Falck Alert, was introduced in late 2018 and has since then been available for all Falck employees, business partners and third parties. We continuously encourage employees to report concerns about irregularities or improper actions that fail to comply with applicable laws and regulations, the Falck Code of Conduct or internal policies. Various types of unethical behaviour are reported through the system, and these are all investigated and concluded on.

The whistleblower reporting ratio is chosen as a KPI in our sustainability strategy. The target is a ratio above 1 report per 100 employees which is in line with the NAVEX Global database, which is used by Falck to set the benchmark for risk and compliance reporting. This is seen as an indication that employees trust the system and know they can use it without fear of retaliation.

Falck Alert


All full-time employees trained

Every second year in our Code of Conduct

Reporting ratio higher than 1

Whistle-blower reporting ratio per 100 FTEs

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