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The oil and gas industry stands out among its peers for its commitment to the safety and competence of their workforce. Whether it is an operator, a service company or a drilling contractor, the focus on training compliance is here to stay and will only get sharper.
Falck Safety Services recognizes the business critical role that delivering compliance brings.
Maintaining and sustaining high compliance levels with respect to training is a complex, dynamic and administratively demanding function regardless of the number of personnel that customers have.
Compliance is a business driver that is under constant scrutiny, whether by the client, the regulatory authority or internally through a corporate responsibility that strives to ensure personnel are trained to the highest possible standards of safety and competence. Compliance Management Solutions (CMS) is a division of Falck Safety Services designed specifically to help our clients maintain the highest levels of compliance accountability and performance.
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The CMS business model is based on 3 simple principles:

1. Falck CMS is a ‘draw in’ total training matrix management service
2. Falck CMS is offered wholly or partially complimentary
3. Falck Safety Services is recognized as the safety training provider of first choice
CMS is a unique service offered by no other provider. CMS can be provided within an ongoing operational context with high volumes of staff mobility or temporarily during high peaks of intense project activity, such as new asset commissioning and crewing up. CMS draws on the resource rich strength of Falck Safety Services, the world’s largest truly global safety training specialist.
With 1200 fully qualified personnel and a network of over 30 fully serviced safety training centers located worldwide, CMS is established within 6 regional hubs to reflect the operational footprint of many international and local customers, namely: Gulf of Mexico – Houston; Brazil – Macaé; North Sea and Europe – Aberdeen; West Africa – Lagos and Luanda; Middle East – Dubai and Asia Pacific – Singapore.
This combination of administrative, training management and safety services capability on a global basis provides the foundation necessary for Falck CMS to ensure compliance is delivered to the highest possible level and standard regardless of location.

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