Falck wins ambulance contracts in Sweden

​Falck cleaned up when the south Swedish region of Scania put their ambulance services up for tender. Falck offered the best deal in all three districts.


However, the region had already stated that a single provider would only be allowed to win two of the three tenders so that Scania always has at least two different providers of ambulance services.


As the winner of three districts, Falck was allowed to choose which two areas to service. The picks were southwest Scania (Malmö/Trelleborg) and eastern Scania (Kristiansstad/Hässleholm) – 622,000 people, all in all.


The Swedish ambulance company Samaritten was assigned the middle part of Scania (Lund/Ystad). Samaritten also bid on all three tenders.

​The entire annual turnover for the three districts is DKK 360 million DKK. Falck’s bid in the middle region of Scania – assigned to Samaritten – was DKK 2.9 million cheaper than Samaritten’s.
Falck’s ambulance services in Scania will commence from September 2013 and run until January 2018 – with a possible three-year extension. Falck will also run the middle area of Scania (Lund/Ystad) until February 2015, at which time Samaritten will take over until 2018 with an option to extend the contract three years.
”We’re very pleased that Region Scania both trusts us to live up to its high standards quality wise and also acknowledges that our price is a very competitive one,” says Falck Ambulans CEO, Sven Engquist.
As a new feature the ambulance services provider will going forward be responsible for the overall medical management of the ambulance services. It is also up to the provider to develop and implement education and competency development for its employees.
”We’re proud that Region Scania trust us to provide ambulance services to its citizens,” says Sven Engquist.


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