Lainsa-SCI changes name to Falck SCI

Grupo Dominguis and Falck have established the new brand Falck SCI and is looking forward to expanding services and growing internationally.
Grupo Dominguis and Falck have jointly owned the company Lainsa-SCI – leading provider of fire prevention, fire-fighting and training of fire-fighters for the industrial market in Spain – for the past four years.
In light of the satisfying cooperation and with a view to grow internationally and expand its services, the company now changes its name to Falck SCI.
Falck SCI provides fire-fighting services to Spanish industrial clients with high quality and refined service requirements such as the chemical and petrochemical industry, gas companies and the nuclear industry.
​Grupo Dominguis and Falck are changing the name of the company to emphasize Falck’s international experience and the solid local expertise of Grupo Dominguis.

About Grupo Dominguis
Grupo Dominguis was founded in 1932, and its first activities took place in the fields of the civil and industrial construction.
Over the years, their experience has enabled them to offer their services to a wide variety of industries, including Shipbuilding, Chemical, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Energy, Metallurgic industries and others. Is nowadays one of the most important companies in the Spanish market, and the leading company in the nuclear sector.
With over 800 employees and an average of 80 engineers, it has a highly qualified and experienced team that can tackle any type of project in their respective fields.


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