Falck will take over 50 ambulances in Sweden

Due to bankruptcy Falck will be stepping in to take responsibility for 300 employees and 50 ambulances in the southern part of Sweden.
From 11.30 am today Falck has taken over the operation of more than 50 ambulances and 300 employees in Region Skåne in the southern part of Sweden. This takeover has been prompted by the bankruptcy of the Skåne division of the Swedish ambulance company Sirius Humanum.
​Region Skåne asked Falck to step in and take over the operation of the ambulances.
”We are all sad about the particular circumstances but there was no doubt in our mind about what to do. People can trust Falck in an unfortunate situation like this, and we will make sure that the citizens and the employees do not feel any sort of decline in service while making this transition,” says Falck CEO Allan Søgaard Larsen.
So far, Falck and the region of Skåne have signed a contract that runs 18 months.
Falck already runs 121 ambulances in Sweden and is the largest privately owned ambulance services company in the country.


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