Falck offers dentist service on the job

Everybody wants their dentist to tell them that they have no cavities. However, thousands of Danes do not even see a dentist regularly. This is why Falck Dentalcare intends to bring dentists to the Danish workplaces in the future.
Falck SVP Jan Steenhard expects that this initiative will improve the condition of Danish teeth and public health in general.
“Our studies show that a large part of the Danish population does not see a dentist regularly. Not because they don’t want to but simply because they can’t find the time to do it. With the help of Falck Dentalcare they can now get dental check-ups, teeth cleaning and minor fillings at their workplaces,” says Jan Steenhard.
This benefit can be acquired directly be employees or as a part of an employee benefits package. The pharmaceutical company DAKO with 500 employees is one of the companies which is now part of Falck Dentalcare.
​”We see it as both an employee and a company benefit. It’s part of a company healthcare programme benefiting the health of our employees and thus also benefiting DAKO,” says DAKO HR manager, Lene Klejs Stuhr.
Falck Dentalcare expects this benefit package to expand the dental market in general.
”Because we won’t be able to conduct comprehensive dental service on the spot, we will refer some patients to local dentists. Thus more people in general will see a dentist,” says Jan Steenhard.
Dentist Marianne Bæk is looking forward to being part of the pioneer work of attending people’s workplaces.
"It’ll be interesting to be part of a new concept of dentists visiting the patients instead of the other way around. It’s my belief that this is a great way of getting more patients to see a dentist regularly to benefit Danes all over,” says Marianne Bækø.
Falck’s studies on the need for dental visits show, among other things:
  • 25% of the people in the study said that they had not seen a dentist for more than a year.
  • 66% of the people in the study who had not seen a dentist the last 6-8 months said this was not because they did not have the time to do so.
When the people in the study were asked what kind of work health benefit they would want at work, dental service came in first by a wide margin.


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